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Using ChatBots to Delight Your Donors and Engage Your Community


Episode Summary

What’s a new way that you can connect with your community in a manner that’s welcoming and delightful?

ChatBots are new to the marketing scene and relatively untouched by non-profits; but, businesses are finding great success with them in order to provide stellar customer service and invite their audience into their brand to find out more.

Chatbots can be used to guide your community to find out about programs and services, sign up for and participate in volunteer opportunities, and donate to your cause. They can help you create a unique experience and build the personal level of attention your audience is looking for.

When we talk about building a chatbot, we’re referring to creating an ongoing dialogue with visitors (something you can control). And by connecting with your ideal users, you’re able to open up so many new possibilities – like a whole new way to build your mailing list, for instance.

Contrary to popular belief, chatbots do not simply send automated messages. They are so much more than that! Chatbots are tailored according to the type of audience they are intended for. These are not simply bots that react to visitors. We have to remember that these bots are built by real people so, they actually have the “human touch” that helps build your relationship with your audience.

Our book, “Brick by Brick” makes a mention of the importance of automating aspects of your process. This not only frees up valuable resources but also minimizes the duplication of processes. I mean, we advocate the use of personalized messages per donor, but to manually craft these messages is both resource-consuming and utterly impractical.

In this podcast episode, we are joined by Ashley Buffa who has several years of experience in working with businesses, public figures, and bloggers reach their target market, connect with them, and convert them into loyal, return customers.

With Ashley, we delve into how to we can use chatbots effectively; whether it’s to keep interest-levels high before your event, to pique interest through broadcasts, to promote featured stories, or even for something as simple as reminding members of important events.

Chatbots are easily one of the most untapped resources that nonprofits could benefit from greatly. Chatbots are progressive. They are already being used on Facebook and many other websites.

They can create casual conversations where community members are more likely to engage. Plus, you can segment and tie it right in with your email marketing. If you’re interested in learning more and finding out how chatbots can help your organization, listen in as Ashley Buffa gives us the lowdown on chatbots and how to use them well.

About Ashley Buffa

Ashley has several years of experience helping multiple businesses, public figures, and bloggers target their ideal market, connect with them, and ultimately… convert them into loyal, repeat customers.