The Science Behind Scaling Facebook Campaigns


Episode Summary

Kevin Davis, from, explains how to get the most results from your paid advertising campaigns on Facebook and how you can utilize new technology to increase your visibility. He talks about conversion and techniques in order to make the best use of your budget. 

Curious about the best ways to advertise so you make money, rather than lose money? Tune on in.

This episode shows you how to advertise well through proper targeting and reinvestment, not to mention inside tips on how to use Facebook’s algorithm to draw more attention and more engagement from your community.

Thinking about video marketing? Not only is this is the number one way to share your story, it’s also the best way to set up your ads. Kevin demonstrates how to build more and more interest around your videos, and, also, your cause.

About Kevin Davis

Kevin has been responsible for driving traffic for some of the biggest launches in the coaching niche and helping turn those launches into evergreen funnels. You may recognize some of his clients such as; Wealth Through Workshops with Callan Rush, Christian Mickelsen, The Foundation with Dane Maxwell and Andy Drish, Frank Kern, Get Altitude with Eben Pagan, Ronnie Nijmeh from Kevin brings not only paid traffic expertise to his clients, but expertise in analytics and tracking as well.