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The Power of the Influencer


You change people by how you make them feel.
– Nahdya Weathers

Influencers have the power to attract new audiences and impact existing ones. While organizations send out thousands of email campaigns to thousand of people, each of those email addresses belongs to one person with a relatively small network. Influencers are equipped with an audience in the hundreds of thousands.They have the power to cultivate a movement or structure an opinion with thousands of heads nodding in agreement. By tapping into an already fulfilled audience, an organization is able to reach so many potential supporters.

When putting together a campaign for influencer relations, organizations need to consider the amount of people that they are trying to reach. They also need to analyze the possible accounts that could be a match.

Discovering how often influencers share relevant content, how many connections they have, what their discussion topics are, and what prior interactions have they had with other brands can help you determine which influencers are the best to work with. This information is useful in determining how much of an impact an influencer has on your fundraising campaign.

One concrete example of the power of an influencer can be found within our book, “Brick by Brick” where we mention a girls’ show called “Lizzie McGuirre”. Because of her role in the hit TV show, Hilary Duff has earned a respectable following that lay dormant until the day that she presented a call to action to support of an anti-bullying campaign.

Keep in mind when working with influencers your main goal isn’t just about link clicks, likes, or donations. It’s about the nonprofits authenticity and sharing the message to as many people as possible. You want to give the audience a reason to care about the message.

In this podcast episode, we are joined by Nahdya Weathers who delves into how influencers are useful in directing their followers to lend their support to a certain cause. If this hasn’t enticed you into listening in, in this podcast, we also share detailed information on obtaining an influencer, developing a campaign with them, and so much more. Listen to the podcast to learn more about “The Power of the Influencer”. You’re not going to want to miss this one!

About Nahdya Weathers

Nahdya Weathers founded Navia Symone PR is a strategic digital media agency. She focuses on crafting and sharing stories that create meaningful, relevant, emotional connections. She is passionate about assisting modern companies develop their brand awareness, voice, and strategy and understands the value of approaching your PR & digital marketing strategy from new angles.