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Search Engine Optimization with Your Users In Mind


Episode Summary

When it comes to the world of modern fundraising, the rise of search engine optimization and digital marketing cannot be understated. The importance of SEO is that it helps match users with relevant content. When your website is properly-optimized, you are increasing the chances of coming up in the top search results for people who are specifically looking for an organization such as yours. This means that because you are relevant to what they’re looking for, you are bound to get increased traffic from people who are also more likely to respond to calls to action.

SEO professionals are experts in increasing the online exposure of your nonprofit. They increase the visibility that your website has amongst the internet. The way they do this is by ensuring that it is accessible by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Pinterest (to name a few).

They do a thorough keyword search in order to increase the chances of your site appearing at the top page of search engines. They also optimize the internal linking strategy so that links that are related to a possible blog post or other phrases within your website can be related to other information available to people on the site.

SEO professionals suggest things like taking advantage of your location and making sure that your organization is present on review sites such as Yelp. Being listed in directories allows the search engine to see your website and associate it with the organization’s address and contact information. One important thing to constantly keep in mind is that Google is focused on providing its end-users with the best possible experience. – This includes ensuring that your website is also optimized for mobile devices.

Posting content consistently gets search engines excited. Making sure each site has its own metadata and each page has internal pages that link to each other creates a high rating when the search engine is performing its search. Link outreach is a positive way to bring attention back to your site. This can be done by writing guest posts within another blog as a guest blogger (just remember to include a backlink to your site).

Our book echoes the importance of having a proper website. A proper website is search engine-optimized, mobile friendly, and loads efficiently. This is discussed within the book by using as a prime example. Its relevance to modern fundraisers is that a website that ranks high in search results is almost guaranteed to attract a vast number of visitors. This easily translates to a substantial increase in potential followers and donors.

Your organization MUST have a professional website that is designed with its users in mind.

In this podcast episode, we are joined by David Deitrich, who is set to discuss the many ways that we can properly perform SEO. Listen in to learn how you can improve your website’s exposure on the internet.

About David Deitrich

David Dietrich is the founder of Fair Angle, which demonstrates sone of the many best-practice online marketing strategies that non-profits can benefit from. David is committed to providing the very best in optimized strategic development for non-profits, helping them grow their online audience rapidly and organically. From there, he can help them engage and activate these followers to spread the word and donate.