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The Grow Your NonProfit Podcast helps inspired nonprofits better understand digital marketing so they can build their communities and improve their online fundraising without tech overwhelm or marketing hype.

Mobile and Event Fundraising with Christy Noel

On this episode, Christy Noel shares her experience as the Vice President of Marketing at MobileCause. We talk about mobile and event fundraising, chatbots, ways to incorporate mobile technology into your fundraising strategy and what's to come at MobileCause.

Capacity-Building for Non Profits with Sarah Olivieri

When your non-profit needs more support, but doesn't have the budget for growth, your issue may stem from capacity rather than finance. Sarah Olivieri, a former non-profit executive director, explains how to use capacity-building strategies and techniques to increase your impact and improve your fundraising.

Email Prospecting for Partnerships

Jason Bay discussed prospecting techniques for non-profits to find new partnerships and expand it's impact. He explains how the 5 Steps of Email Prospecting, where he discusses how to find the people who are most-likely to be your strongest prospect and how to build your list.

Fishing for the Big Fish with Greg Warner

Greg Warner discusses Fundraising Climate Change and strategies to better reach the donors most likely to contribute major and legacy gifts. He explains which current practices are ineffective and how to fundraise for more with less.

How to Get Attention with James Smiley

James Smiley shares his insight into content marketing and shows up how to drive traffic through getting attention and creating interest. James gives you free strategies to improve your marketing, all based on real-world examples. His practical approach will teach you how to bridge your audience over into your mission. 

Free or Low-Cost Tools for Social Media

Karen George provides a list of free or low-cost tools to help you with your social media and productivity. She researched different features, which could be of help to you and your team, and explains how you can use them in this episode. Check out these tools that Karen has found and give them a try.

How to Get Better Results with Your Data

Jesse Park provides case studies and techniques to help you take your marketing to the next level. By studying data and asking the right questions, you can uncover details about your ideal audience members that are sure to take your fundraising to the next level — all by providing relevant and meaningful information.

Behind the Scenes with Social Media

In this episode, we talk about the moving parts of social media, what different types of platforms are used for, the future of digital marketing, how to leverage influencers, and more. This episode provides a treasure trove of useful information and helps you get a feel for how you can take advantage of all kinds of tools available to you.

Decision-Making and Strategic Planning for Non-Profits

Steven Sheier discusses how strategic planning and decision-making come together in order to help non-projects move forward with their work. 

Setting Up Fundraising Funnels for Online Giving

We talk about how to connect the dots within your data and use the analytics you collect to create more impact with your content. This episode is loaded with game-changing takeaways and insights, like how to position your information and calls-to-action so that they receive attention.

Building Your Story to Align with Your Brand

Listen as we talk with Jacqueline Yvette about marketing, branding and everything in between. Jacqueline Yvette is a marketing mentor who guides visionary entrepreneurs to bring their big ideas to life and build purposeful businesses with authentic story, strategic messaging, and impactful marketing.

Leading the Way to Leave a Legacy

Listen as we talk with Kyle Lipton about what compels people to want to leave a legacy and how non-profits can connect better with their community members in order to both inspire them to bring out their special gifts and deeper desires so that they can make a difference in the world. In addition, we talk about stepping up through self-leadership in order to act not just creatively and fearlessly, but from their hearts.

Helping Organizations with Remote Team Members Become More Productive

Tune on in as we talk about how to be more productive while working with remote employees and consultants. We cover a wealth of information, ranging from remote employee policies to the benefits of remote teams. Want to broaden your talent pool? Want to provide the #1 thing that Millenials are looking for? This episode simplifies it all for you.

How to Get Started with Content Marketing

Erika Heald explains how to organize your content and provides tools to use to get your message seen. On this episode, you'll learn about how you can be more productive by using tools, notifications and gantt charts to create a process around your content creation. From setting up an editorial calendar, to encouraging timeliness when it comes to approvals, to visibly seeing where you're having a hold-up, you'll find out how to create a process that works.

Advice on Creating Videos from an Emmy® Award-Winning Producer

Want to know just how to get your message out in a way where people will actually listen? Just take advice from Greg Rollett, an Emmy-Award winning producer, who knows his way around an audience. He's a former rapper from a rock band who toured for 10 years. Now he creates personality driven TV shows. We talk about simple and easy ways to get started, along with how to show up authentically.

Fun and Refreshing Ways to Create Engagement in Your Community

Get a glimpse into Ben Bisbee's fun and philosophical approach to community-building, creating engagement, and improving understanding for non-profit organizations. Ben is the leader of the 31st Century Nonprofit group on Facebook, a highly engaged group that models the ideals of what non-profits could look like in the 31st Century. Ben shares his secrets to get the vibe right.

How to Grow a Community of Loyal Members

There is so much power in a first impression. Unsure about how to make a strong impression for your organization? Tune on in as Steven J. Slater explains the Reichheld NetPromoter Score and how it can be applied to personas and building loyalists and brand ambassadors in your community. He provides examples of how organizations can use it and discusses the benefits of focusing on the supporters who are most interested in your organization.

The Secrets of Social Start-Up Success

When it comes to growing and scaling a non-profit, so many organizations struggle with how to make the best use of their resources. Kathleen Kelly Janus provides 5 key strategies to scale in a way where you can surpass the insurmountable wall. Using mindset shifts, Kathleen was able to conquer walls of her own in her organization, Spark. In this episode, we talk about what worked for Kathleen, what works for non-profits as a whole, and what can work for you.

How to Be Relevant Through Service Design

Not only does Steven explain what is a persona, but he also demonstrates how personas are used. Organizations have seen much success through the use of personas and applying the concept of Service Design to its programming. Why are personas important? Well, without them, you'll be struggling with relevance. Hitting a roadblock when it comes to connecting with your community? This may be the reason; and the solution.

The Science Behind Scaling Facebook Campaigns

Curious about the best ways to advertise so you make money, rather than lose money? This episode shows inside tips on how to use Facebook's algorithm to draw more attention and more engagement. Video marketing is this is the number one way to share your story and set up your ads. Kevin Davis demonstrates how to build interest around your videos, and, also, your cause.

Leading Through Change, Challenge & Chaos

In this episode, Libby Gill gives us the lowdown on how hope is the necessary ingredient in leading a group of people, a cause, or, even, a movement. Libby is no stranger to guiding teams through change and challenges. She draws from her skills in Public Relations to tap in to motivating others, manage teams of people with a sense of practicality and realistic optimism, and infuse hope into her leadership techniques.

Email Marketing: Listening to the Experts (Your Audience)

Declan Dunn explains how to use email marketing to build a community, serve your community and be there for your community. Your organization is providing for the community and helping. Every community has different needs, but every community can come together around sharing similar visions. Want insights from experts? Learn how to get the best advice for your organization.
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Marketing Strategies to Maximize Influence and Traffic-Building Opportunities for Resourceful Non-Profits

Amanda Goldman-Petri, founder of Market like a Nerd, explains how non-profits can work smarter, not harder on their online marketing through creating partnerships and building traffic you own. She gives her recommendations for organizations to get much more visible and build a strong online community of supporters ready to take action.
Grow Your Non Profit Community

Community-Building through Relationship-Building

Nonprofit communities heavily rely on relationship-building. So, Rachel Pedersen gives us the real deal on the ins and outs of her relationship-based funnels, and breaks it down to explain what funnels are and how they can be used by non-profits for community building. She gives her recommendations on what non-profits can do to improve the way they build relationships online.
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Breaking Past Limitations and Crushing Your Goals

If you're finding that it's hard to uplevel once you hit a goal, tune into this episode. Ellie Burscough takes us on the adventure of her life as she tells us stories of working in a call center, writing scripts and making calls to donors. Then, Ellie uses the sales knowledge she acquired to help businesses break past their own stumbling blocks and limitations so they can take on larger goals and greater impact.  
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It's More than Mindset that Makes the Difference

It’s not just about mindset. We all have things we want to do and we all want to make an impact where we can. We all want there to be more to our work than the daily grind. And, we all want to feel good about the work that we do... and how we are doing it. But, it’s not just about mindset. It’s about way more than that. It’s about figuring out how to make the pieces of your puzzle work.
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Finding and Following Your Story for Fundraising

Just because a trend works for one organization doesn't mean it will work for yours. What will work for yours? Staying true to your mission and being creative in the process. Finding your story and capitalizing on the passion of your people. Find your tribe and share your story. Package your story into your marketing and see how storytelling can easily help others understand your mission.
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Money-Making Strategies To Create Earned Revenue for Your Non-Profit

Get your gears spinning smoothly when it comes to money-making strategies and creating earned revenue for your organization. Assess the needs of your community and determine ways in which you can serve them. By bringing in Related Income, organizations can achieve greater impact and use it towards providing necessary resources.
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Using Data to Make Better Decisions

When using a donor management system, you'll be able to collect and centralize your data. This data includes email addresses, seating preferences, interests, split-testing results, and content reactions. This data is invaluable to your organization because you can use it for segmentation. Tune in as Zach Shefska speaks about how to dig deep into your data in order to improve your fundraising and decisions.
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Using ChatBots to Delight Your Donors and Engage Your Community

Chatbots can be used to guide your community to find out about programs and services, sign up for and participate in volunteer opportunities, and donate to your cause. They can help you create a unique experience and build the personal level of attention your audience is looking for. Ashley Buffa gives us the lowdown on chatbots and how to use them well.
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Leadership with Authenticity; Fundraising with Integrity

Strong leadership skills grow through self-awareness and honesty. And this honest awareness goes hand-in-hand with successful fundraising. Successful leadership comes from your relationship with yourself. And, fundraising comes through your relationship with others. Fundraising is not marketing. There is a different approach to both.
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Using Alternative Marketing to Stand Out

Robyn Blakeman, Professor at the University of Tennessee, discusses Guerrilla Marketing and alternative ways to help your organization be noticed, recognized and remembered. Robyn shows us how traditional marketing methods are transferrable to technology and how trust is still the number one factor when it comes to developing connection, engagement and relationships. 
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Getting Real with Your Data, Your Numbers and What Works for You

Benchmarks are a great way to see what's happening on a larger scale and can help guide you for marketing, but there is a lot to be said for studying your own data and finding what works for you. What works for others may not necessarily be what works for you and what works for you may not be represented by these industry trends.
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Riding the High of the News (and a bit of Grateful Dead)

When it comes to gaining visibility for your organization or cause, you can take advice from David Meerman Scott, founder of the newsjacking movement. Listen in as we discuss community engagement, the best ways to get started and how to avoid stepping over the line, along with The Grateful Dead, Olympics and #MeToo. 
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Search Engine Optimization with Your Users In Mind

An SEO strategy increases the chances of your site appearing at the top page of search engines. We're providing suggestions how how to make sure your website is accessible by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Pinterest, to name a few. When it comes to improving visibility, the need for search engine optimization can’t be understated.
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Non-Profit Fundraising and Engagement

In this podcast, Marjorie Moore of 501Crossroads talks about how she got started with non-profits and how she has seen fundraising change over time. She tells us about some of her favorite ways to create engagement within a community, the roadblocks she has faced, and her predictions for how non-profits will adapt to changes in technology over the next 5 years.
Better Fundraising Results

What’s All the Buzz About Blockchain?

Here's the thing... for a lot of the Blockchains, we're seeing a lot of hype because of the buzzword attached to it. There's a lot of misinformation out there and with so many people trying to find out about so many different projects, there's overlaps and misunderstandings between different projects. But, fortunately, from what we're seeing, it's a lot more simple than it seems.
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The Power of the Influencer

Influencers have the power to attract new audiences and impact existing ones. While organizations send out thousands of email campaigns to thousand of people, each of those email addresses belongs to one person with a relatively small network. Influencers are equipped with an audience in the hundreds of thousands. They have the power to cultivate a movement.
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Raising Money, Saving Money and Receiving Grants

In order to convert visitors into donors, we need to nurture them and create trust in your relationship. We need to create a strong connection with our audience through discovering what messaging immediately resonates with them. And, we need to consistently build on their preferences to provide ways to enable them to deepen their involvement and support.
Nonprofit Community Engagement

Brand Amplification through Compelling Copy

What compels somebody to want to support your cause? Your story? your brand? People join movements because they desire a sense of community. Everyone wants to be apart of something bigger than themselves. They can create movements that start at a higher level. But, movements demand action.  And, the way to create action is through your messaging and developing your brand.
Community Building Nonprofits

Mission Driven Fundraising for Your Non-Profit

Marketing campaigns are all about the who, what and where. Who are you reaching, what are their interests, and where are they located? Becoming very well-versed in the answers to these questions as it relates to your campaign will ultimately result in greater key performance indicator results. Knowing this information also helps you stay true to who you are, be more productive and stay Mission Driven.