Mobile and Event Fundraising with Christy Noel

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Episode Summary

On this episode, Christy Noel shares her experience as the Vice President of Marketing at MobileCause. We talk about mobile and event fundraising, chatbots, ways to incorporate mobile technology into your fundraising strategy and what’s to come at MobileCause.

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About Christy Noel

Christy is the Vice President of Marketing at MobileCause where she spearheads all aspects of marketing, including branding, product marketing, digital and inbound marketing, events, public relations and communications. Christy also established and oversees the company’s Digital Fundraising Services and is responsible for creating, driving, and delivering programs to help MobileCause customers and partners advance their marketing and fundraising objectives. Christy is the former Board Chair of Girls on the Run of Los Angeles County and is the Marketing Director and a foster for Noah’s Bark Dog Rescue. She is a graduate of UCLA and has completed seven Ironman triathlons and more than fifty marathons.