Online Fundraising Strategy

Mission Driven Fundraising for Your Non-Profit

In order for your organization to improve its online fundraising, it must understand how to align its Mission, marketing and people.

Marketing campaigns are all about the who, what and where. Who are you reaching, what are their interests, and where are they located? Becoming very well-versed in the answers to these questions as it relates to your campaign will ultimately result in greater key performance indicator results. Knowing this information also helps you stay true to who you are, be more productive and stay Mission Driven.

In other words, it helps you stay in your lane and work with your particular audience, instead of adopting a diagnosis of shiny object syndrome with symptoms of distraction, irrelevance and low response!

Some organizations will try the campaign strategy that isn’t structured, planned or regulated. They will do small pieces of one things, and small pieces of another put together campaigns with no true direction and will wonder why their results aren’t improving.

Marketing campaigns are like dating. You can go on several dates, and have different experiences will multiple people, though you’re not going to fall in love if you don’t understand the qualities you want within your significant other. The real question is how do you attract partners that provide the qualities you want?

Understanding how your campaign fits within the who, what, and where of your targeted audience is imperative. Generally in every case you plan before you implement. Therefore creating the marketing campaign plan is essential. It provides the big picture of the outcome you are searching for, as well as the steps that should be taken to get there.

To learn more about conducting a Mission Driven campaign, make sure to check out the podcast and learn more innovative ways to win at marketing your nonprofit.

About Matisyahu Goren
Matisyahu Goren is the director of Mission Driven, a platform for Jews to define their unique mission, develop the tools they need for success, and make the world a home for God. Author of “The Long Short Way: How To Succeed After Yeshiva”. Host of the hit Podcast “Mission Driven: The Long Short Way”, which has interviewed Matisyahu is a professional basketball coach of NBA and international players. He and Coach Steve Campbell co-founded The Scholarship Makeover Foundation, which provided physical training, life coaching, test preparation, and academic consultation to 42 players who obtained college scholarships all while a student at Cal State Northridge. He left it behind to attend Mayanot of Jerusalem for two years. Matisyahu is currently married to Shaina and they have a baby boy named Asher Chaim.