Email Marketing: Listening to the Experts (Your Audience)


Episode Summary

I know you may be thinking: “My interactions are good enough.” Although that is quite possible, would you rather see what improvements you can make to delight your audience?

When building their communities, organizations need to be asking questions about their target audience and vision. They must look at what their social landscape needs and develop the services and programs to provide. By figuring out where the holes are and fill them within their organizational Mission, they can better serve their community.

If you are building a community, you need to serve your community and be there for your community. Your organization is providing for the community and helping. Every community has different needs, but every community can come together around sharing similar visions.

Continually welcoming feedback will make your customers feel important and that you have a genuine interest in their concerns! Remember, your community always comes first. Now, go out there and remind them how much they matter and how much you care about them and the cause.

About Declan Dunn

Since 1995, Declan Dunn’s been a pioneering insider in the fields of online education, corporate performance enhancement and affiliate marketing. This unusual skill set allows him to bring people together in business settings, enhance their relationships, and then empower them to monetize those relationships. By simultaneously honoring both the needs of businesses, and the humans who work within them, Declan’s unique systems consistently return mutual rewards to the process of increasing bottom-line profits.