How to Grow a Community of Loyal Members


Episode Summary

Steven J. Slater explains the Reichheld NetPromoter Score and how it can be applied to personas and building loyalists and brand ambassadors in your community.

He provides examples of how organizations can use it and discusses the benefits of focusing on the supporters who are most interested and involved in your organization.

There is so much power in a first impression and in an introduction. Unsure about how to make a strong impression for your organization? Tune on in and find out how to use the NetPromoter Score to your advantage!

About Steven J. Slater

Steven J. Slater is a service designer, experienced building new lines of services in the private sector, programs in the public sector, member benefits for non-profit membership organizations–and campaigns for fundraising.  Over his career beginning in the mid- 1990s, he estimates his direct service design involvement has led to more $1 billion. His expertise is marketing science and communications – using research and data to target and message and test – including online media.