How to Get Started with Content Marketing


Episode Summary

Erika Heald talks about how to get started with content marketing. She begins with the basics of talking about what it is and how you can repurpose your content and create a content marketing plan. Erika explains how to organize your content and then provides techniques and tools to use in order to get your message seen. On this episode, you’ll also learn about how you can be more productive by using tools, notifications and gantt charts to create a process around your content creation. From setting up an editorial calendar, to encouraging timeliness when it comes to approvals, to visibly seeing where in the process you’re having a hold-up, you’ll get the low-down here. Tune on in on how to create a process that works for you and your organization.

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About Erika Heald

Erika spent her career using content to drive business results. As a San Francisco-based content marketing and social media consultant, she focuses on helping technology and specialty food start-ups define their content marketing strategy and supporting processes to drive lead generation and customer loyalty. She has 20+ years content marketing and community-building experience in  B-to-B and  B-to-C environments for organizations that have included Charles Schwab, UnitedHealth Group, The Northern California Human Resources Association, Achievers, Anaplan, Slack, Norwest Venture Partners, Meltwater, Redbooth, SmartRecruiters, DNN, Highwire PR, Spin Sucks, SF Station, Flavorpill, and The San Francisco Bay Guardian.