How to Get Attention with James Smiley

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Episode Summary

James Smiley shares his insight into content marketing and shows up how to drive traffic through getting attention and creating interest. Want to build a movement? James gives you all kinds of free strategies to improve your marketing, all based on real-world examples that work. His practical approach will teach you how to bridge your audience over into your mission. 

True content marketing will set your non-profit apart and enable you to make the best use of your budget. It does take a community coming together to take action, advocate for different causes and ultimately do more social good. But, one of the things non-profits struggle with is building awareness and creating the traction to start a real movement.

Interested in how marketing ties into story selling? We talk about that, too. Gaining awareness starts with getting attention. And, if you want to build a critical mass of empowered people, you’ll want to listen to this episode. 

About James Smiley

James Smiley has been the behind-the-scenes advisor to over 550 executives & entrepreneurs. He runs the Elite Consulting Academy and has consulted for 3 of the Fortune 10. Google, Walmart, Bass Pro Shops, Samsung and Toyota are some of the companies using James’ services.