How to Be Relevant Through Service Design


Episode Summary

On this episode, Steven J. Slater discusses how to use personas to grow your organization’s fundraising base and how to identify and draw upon promoters to help.

Not only does Steven explain what is a persona, but he also demonstrates how personas are used. He gives examples of businesses who are using personas and how organizations have used them. 

Organizations have seen much success through the use of personas and applying the concept of Service Design to its programming. 

Why are personas important? Well, without them, you’ll be struggling with relevance. Hitting a roadblock when it comes to connecting with your community? This may be the reason; and the solution.

About Steven J. Slater

Steven J. Slater is a service designer, experienced building new lines of services in the private sector, programs in the public sector, member benefits for non-profit membership organizations–and campaigns for fundraising.  Over his career beginning in the mid- 1990s, he estimates his direct service design involvement has led to more $1 billion. His expertise is marketing science and communications – using research and data to target and message and test – including online media.