Helping Organizations with Remote Team Members Become More Productive


Episode Summary

Tune on in as we talk about how to be more productive while working with remote employees and consultants. We cover a wealth of information, ranging from remote employee policies to the benefits of remote teams – for both the organizations and the employees. Liam Martin is the co-founder of Time Doctor, which helps organizations and businesses manage remote employees in a more efficient manner. He’s seen it all and has the insight to help you with your team. Want to broaden your talent pool? Want to provide the #1 thing that Millenials are looking for? This episode is geared towards reducing the overwhelm of managing time and helping your organization manage projects better.

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About Liam Martin

Liam is co-founder and direct of marketing at Time Doctor. He has been a consultant for many online businesses concentrating on process design and scaling companies through outsourcing. He is the co-founder of Time Doctor, which provides tools for team productivity concentrating on improving communication for remote teams. In his spare time Liam likes to give talks on how to become a more productive student throughout universities in Canada and the U.S.