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  • 5 Video Workshops teaching the fundamentals of online fundraising success. 
  • Easy to implement step-by-step guide to improve your social reach and increase awareness in order to make a BIGGER IMPACT. 
  • Proven techniques to get crystal-clear on the type of content that your audience responds to so that you can stop wasting time on creating content that gets ignored and start creating content that catches attention and speaks directly to your donors. 
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You can set up a full online fundraising system for your organization with our step-by-step support for just $297!

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  • Develop a custom online fundraising system for your organization. Learn what systems to implement and when to implement them so that you’re no longer spinning your wheels.
  • Leverage the strength of social media so that you can attract new donors, manage existing donors and cultivate an empowered community.
  • Create irresistible donation forms based on 3 key ways to delight donors.
  • How to take advantage of hidden opportunities to connect with donors and convert potential supporters.
  • Nurture your supporters through email so they feel more emotionally connected and involved in your organization.
  • Use Facebook Ads to promote your special campaigns and build brand awareness for your organization.

This Hands-On Workshop will show you EXACTLY how to put together your online fundraising system and why we set it up a certain way...

We will show you EVERY STEP to create an online fundraising system, what converts, and why. We will be showing you how to drive traffic to the system, how much it costs and more!

We are literally handing you a BLUEPRINT that you can use for your organization.

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