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Getting Real with Your Data, Your Numbers and What Works for You


Episode Summary

Let’s get real in this episode on data and understanding what works for you. Geoff Livingston provides knowledge based on his many experiences working with nonprofits that took years to learn. Data is full of surprises and if you watch carefully, you can find trends that help you better connect with your audience and actually get your message in front of your donors in way that catches and holds their attention.

Knowing your audience not only allows you to tailor your communication to your target market’s preferences, but it also allows your organization to come across as one that is familiar with its supporters. “Repetition builds familiarity” after all.

Best practices and benchmarks are a great way to see what’s happening on a larger scale and they can certainly help guide you in your marketing, but there is a lot to be said for studying your own data and finding what works for you; because, what works for someone else may not necessarily be what works for you and what works for you may not be accurately represented by these industry trends.

Know your people. Know yourself. And to thine own self, be true. (William Shakespeare)


Data. Lots of it. Listen in to learn how to use your data to help you create effective communication tactics and to ultimately help you strengthen your relationships with your members.

About Geoff Livingston

Geoff Livingston is the CMO of Legends of Learning, an edtech start up in Washington, DC. Before joining Legends of Learning, he start and sold Livingston Communications, a social media boutique, as well as communications firms Zoetica, and Tenacity5 Media.

Professionally, Geoff has advised more than 10 members of the Fortune 500, including AT&T, Cox, eBay, Ford, General Dynamics, Google, PayPal, Pepsi Co., Procter and Gamble, SAIC, Verizon and Yum! Brands. He has also advised numerous start-ups, mid-cap companies, and nonprofits, including United Way of America, Live Earth, The Case Foundation, Razoo, Environmental Defense Fund, the Philanthropy 2.0 Project, Tekelec, Network Solutions, Vocus, the Washington Nationals, and Sully Erna (Godsmack lead singer).