Fun and Refreshing Ways to Create Engagement in Your Community


Episode Summary

In this lively episode, you’ll get a glimpse into Ben Bisbee’s fun and philosophical approach to community-building, creating engagement, and improving understanding for non-profit organizations. Ben is the leader of the 31st Century Nonprofit group on Facebook, a highly engaged group that models the ideals of what non-profits could look like in the 31st Century. Built on empathy and integrity, non-profits can thrive upon the strength of these foundational principles. The secrets to Ben Bisbee’s phenomenal engagement? Being himself, honesty, vulnerability and accountability! Tune on in to find out how these pieces play a role into getting people talking, sharing from their heart, and building real, genuine community (not just a sense of it… and there’s a BIG difference).

About Ben Bisbee

Ben Bisbee is a nonprofit professional with more than 18 years of experience in hands-on program development, corporate engagement, fundraising, and professional writing on the subject of corporate and nonprofit engagement and relationships. He is also the founder + principal at Rhinocorn Consulting, a nonprofit engagement + advancement consultancy focused on the industry of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and how it can benefit nonprofits.