Ask for Donations Online

How to Ask for Donations Online

A lot of non-profits face fears when it comes to fundraising. And, it’s totally normal! There are so many variables and implications that go along with ettiquette, strategy, communication, and planning. For instance, a non-profit may be hesitant to reach out to certain supporters online because they don’t want it to feel impersonal; and they certainly have a point. Here’s the thing, though. The way I see it, online fundraising shouldn’t ever feel transactional. The simplicity and convenience is just an added benefit. People already expect to be able to give online and they’re ready for it.

Better Fundraising Results

Better Fundraising Results By Using A/B Split-Testing

I went from having difficulty creating lead-generation funnels that did not convert to finally cracking the code using A/B split testing. By using Google Content Experiments for split-testing, I was able to track user behavior and preferences in order to create highly-successful and professionally designed landing pages that converted well and smoothly moved the user through the marketing funnel. And, I want to share with you just how to do this for your organization, too.

Fundraising Leads

How to Develop More Fundraising Leads Online

Let’s get real with each other — raising enough funds for your organization to meet your campaign goals, donor retention, growing your community and engaging your current donors are huge concerns when it comes to being able to make an impact. 

Online Fundraising Strategy

Book Your Free 1:1 Mini Online Fundraising Strategy Session

Are you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by online marketing? It seems like there are so many different ways to create more visibility for your organization; but, even so, you don’t seem to be growing an engaged audience. Or, at the very least, you’re engaging your current members but finding it hard to encourage them to become more deeply involved. Maybe it’s a matter of attracting new members to your community and it’s difficult to grow in a way that builds momentum around your cause. Maybe you’re looking to create more hype in order to get people talking? You have a cause that matters, so why is it this challenging to break through all the noise and inspire real impact and awareness?

Building Donor Relationships

The 3 Keys to Building Donor Relationships

The success of your fundraising system builds on the level of Know, Like and Trust you’ve created. So, if your audience clearly understands and identifies with your organization’s mission and vision, like who you are and interacts with you, and trusts you, you’ll find that it’s much easier to develop ways to strengthen your relationship with your community members and create more interest in your campaigns.

Converting Volunteers to Donors

Discover What’s Holding You Back From Converting Volunteers to Donors

You can have the nicest website in the world; but without a strong strategy, where does that leave you? You need a plan — to bring it all together. Online fundraising has changed and we can help you with the strategy support to expand and engage your community, nurture relationships with prospects and donors and create messaging that represents both your brand and your story.

Donation Forms

How to Split-Test Your Donation Forms for Free

Learn How to A/B Test Your Donation Pages Using Free Tools. It is possible to improve your conversions on your donation pages through setting up split-tests using Google’s Content Experiments for free.

Nonprofit Community Engagement

Creating Nonprofit Community Engagement

Email lists are good. A list full of donors is even better. Large or small, nonprofits have to work hard to grow their following and even harder to keep content fresh, updated and interesting. On top of that, nonprofits have to work even harder to convert their following from an interested audience to an engaged and involved set of supporters.

Fundraising on Facebook

10 Tips for Fundraising on Facebook

Using Facebook can supercharge your fundraising efforts, but it can also be pretty intimidating. That’s why we’re sharing some secrets about easily integrating Facebook into your fundraising and marketing strategy. The approach you take is going to directly affect how hard the process is. If you set out to make a viral fundraising campaign, it can feel next to impossible.  

Empower Your Community

Increase Awareness and Empower Your Community

In order to cultivate donors, we’ll need to take advantage of opportunities from both Facebook and Google in order to enable donors become familiar with your organization. We need to start out by increasing awareness of your organization and make your organization more visible in places that your potential donors hang out. This could mean anything from getting out there and getting visible in your community to increasing your presence on social media to optimizing your seo strategy and improving your search ranking for the questions and information your audience is looking for.. and even considering using paid advertising.