Building Your Story to Align with Your Brand


Episode Summary

When it comes to branding, there is the visual representation of your organization and there is the more abstract component, which is capturing the essence of your organization and conveying it with the right tone, message and impact. Jacqueline Yvette speaks with us on this episode about how forming your story (and sub stories) and developing relationships can strengthen your brand.

Wondering how to form your story? It’s not as overwhelming as it seems. Jacqueline provides excellent tips to get started. Wondering how to build brand awareness? Tune in as we discuss marketing, branding and messaging. Gaining clarity on your stories and messaging will allow your branding to blossom.

About Jacqueline Yvette

Jacqueline Yvette is a marketing mentor who guides visionary entrepreneurs to bring their big ideas to life and build purposeful businesses with authentic story, strategic messaging, and impactful marketing.