Nonprofit Community Engagement

Creating Nonprofit Community Engagement

Email lists are good. A list full of donors is even better. Large or small, nonprofits have to work hard to grow their following and even harder to keep content fresh, updated and interesting. On top of that, nonprofits have to work even harder to convert their following from an interested audience to an engaged and involved set of supporters.

Fundraising on Facebook

10 Tips for Fundraising on Facebook

Using Facebook can supercharge your fundraising efforts, but it can also be pretty intimidating. That’s why we’re sharing some secrets about easily integrating Facebook into your fundraising and marketing strategy. The approach you take is going to directly affect how hard the process is. If you set out to make a viral fundraising campaign, it can feel next to impossible.  

Empower Your Community

Increase Awareness and Empower Your Community

In order to cultivate donors, we’ll need to take advantage of opportunities from both Facebook and Google in order to enable donors become familiar with your organization. We need to start out by increasing awareness of your organization and make your organization more visible in places that your potential donors hang out. This could mean anything from getting out there and getting visible in your community to increasing your presence on social media to optimizing your seo strategy and improving your search ranking for the questions and information your audience is looking for.. and even considering using paid advertising.

Nonprofit Organization Wasting Time

Is Your Nonprofit Organization Wasting Time and Money on Antiquated Technology?

We have been working with non-profits for over a decade and we’ve seen organizations — time and again — throw away their money on antiquated technology for the websites, marketing and donor management platforms. There are applications that you may be investing in that overlap each other Or, you may not be utilizing applications to their full potential, which is costing you money but not providing the return you’re looking for.

Consensus-Based Organization

8 Ways to Get the Most Out of a Consensus-Based Organization

A consensus-based organization makes decisions by ensuring all management agrees and approves before moving forward. This could be in regards to anything from a company philosophy, event details, or the website you’re building. Think of consensus-based as a “big tent” that includes a large group of employees coming from diverse backgrounds. Or it may be that your organization is part of a larger umbrella organization. Regardless, a consensus-based organization, like these, strives for collaboration, democratic leadership, and agreement among its team members. This type of organization is focused on its mission and places responsibility on its employees and lay leaders to amplify its message. The mission is where all aspects of marketing return. Along the way, we ask, “does this reflect our mission?”

Nonprofit Facebook Ads

5 Tips to Make Your Nonprofit Facebook Ads Successful

You can dramatically improve your marketing efforts by making use of Facebook advertising. Setting up Facebook ads can feel overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be. With the help of Facebook advertising software and Facebook’s Power Editor, you can set up ads and watch how they perform. Our recommendation is to set up one ad at first, for a mere $5 a day, and watch it for a month to see how it does. When set up properly, we find that our clients’ audience reach dramatically grows during this short timeframe. Once you get comfortable setting up and watching ads, you can drive even more growth by automating the process, narrowing down your audience and creating fresh designs to attract your ideal website visitor. The tips below can get you started, but if any of this seems daunting or you just don’t know where to begin, we are here to help! Give us a call and we’ll get you started on the right track.

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