Advice on Creating Videos from an Emmy® Award-Winning Producer


Episode Summary

Want to know just how to get your message out in a way where people will actually listen? Just take advice from Greg Rollett, an Emmy® Award-Winning Producer who knows his way around an audience. He’s a former rapper from a rock band who toured for 10 years. Now, he runs and has a YoutTube channel filled with valuable and practical information on how to warm up your community and get people excited about your cause. We talk about simple and easy ways to get started, along with how to show up authentically on camera.

About Greg Rollett

Greg Rollett is an Emmy® Award-Winning Producer, Best-Selling Author and media expert who works with financial advisors and small business owners from all over the world to create personality driven TV shows that drive their business. He is the host of Ambitious Adventures, a travel reality show for entrepreneurs that can be seen on as well as Facebook Watch.