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5 Ways to Increase Your Online Engagement

Selecting the right online marketing tools is only accomplished when you know where your audience can be found online. In other words, creating a Facebook page for your organization does you little good if your target market spends little time on Facebook. Are there benefits to having a Facebook page for your organization? Yes, but it may not be your first priority if you have limited resources and time. The only way to determine the priorities of your action plan is to truly understand the needs of your audience. It’s critical to take a good, close look at your audience members and understand where and how they interact online, along with what they’re looking for. Your audience wants to know that you understand them and the the services and programs you’re providing are what they’re looking for. In order to gain this insight, take the time to research where your visitors are coming from, where you’re losing potential visitors and how long it takes for your audience members to identify with the organization and community.

Facebook Fundraising Tools

What are the Facebook Fundraising Tools?

You can donate to an organization quickly and easily on Facebook now through a system that integrates your Facebook page and posts with your organization’s bank account. The functionality enables 2-tap giving and no longer requires users to leave Facebook to make a donation. Essentially, Facebook uses saved payment information that users have in their Facebook account settings to improve the donation experience. The users are are able to click a Donate Now button on a page or a post, which will take them to a donation window where they can make a contribution that’s immediately paid to the organization. There is great potential in this system because of the ability to possibly pay through other digital payment systems, like Apple Pay and Google Wallet, in the future.

Fundraise on Facebook

How to Fundraise on Facebook

Facebook has released a new set of fundraising tools specifically for non-profits, making it easier for organizations to accept donations and to improve the overall donation experience for your audience. The Fundraising Tools are free to use and now have a Donate Now button available in two places: on the Page Header and on Page Posts, but it’s not able to be added as a Page Post’s Call to Action. This makes it easier for donors to share their donation experience with friends. A receipt is sent to donors, which is branded with your organization’s information. With this update, it’s easier to find and donate to organizations. The funds you raise on Facebook will go directly to your nonprofit. Your organization has full control on how to use the funds to support either a specific cause or a general fund.

Community Building Nonprofits

Community Building Nonprofits Inspire Social Action

When many people think about their favorite cause, one of the first things that may come to mind is its branding campaigns, but it should be its community. And there’s a good reason why; in order to develop a local hub for creating strong impact through the cause, each person who cares about the cause should feel welcomed into its community and it should feel easy to get involved. There should be minimal barriers for people to start enacting change for a purpose they care about. And, for non-profit organizations, that community experience and ease of involvement should be a primary goal. Plus, the benefits are manifold.

NonProfit Website Design

NonProfit Website Design: Why User Experience Matters

When you’re designing your website and, in particular, setting up its structure, decide what your ultimate goals are and what’s most important for your organization. Many organizations will say that it’s a combination of creating a user experience that resonates with its community and also building brand awareness. This means that people who are not yet involved with the organization can search for the organization and find out how they can become involved. Through these efforts, the organization can not only appeal to its current community, but also grow. We strive to create a memorable and exciting user experience that is easy to navigate and understand. We enjoy creating websites and the best part about designing one is getting to be creative with a customized solution, rather than following templates. Our clients thrive from our paying personal attention to their needs. We focus on the design and development of your website, or how it looks and flows. During development, it’s necessary to build in SEO best practices so your potential audience can find you and your current audience can quickly search for and find what they need. During development, we set up Google Analytics, SEO-friendly URLs, keywords and more. We also provide the tools you need to track your data and adjust your marketing based on what’s working and what’s not. Google Analytics can be quite a lot to digest, but we help you out.

Build Community Through Your Website

Feels Like Home: Build Community Through Your Website

In Yiddish, there is a term for this: Hamish. It’s an adjective that means cozy and warm. Make your website hamish. When visitors are relaxed, they’re more open to hear what you have to say. They feel as though they know you and vice versa. Encourage your users to keep coming around and to bring their friends along. There are many ways to do this, but our favorite way is to create an ongoing dialogue with visitors. Through marketing and connecting with your ideal users, you can build your mailing list. You can also provide entry points on your website to join the list. Through this list, you can promote your news, events and the overall message of your organization.