ADA Compliance for Nonprofits

Website ADA Compliance for Nonprofits

As you aspire to create a beautiful, traffic-driving site with great social media tie-ins and a top search engine ranking, there’s one more thing to consider when making your website the best experience it can be for all your customers: Accessibility.

NonProfit Website Is Not Mobile-Friendly

My NonProfit Website Is Not Mobile-Friendly and Feels Outdated

Nobody wants to run across a website that looks – and acts – like it’s from the 1990s, but they are out there and need to be updated. They will be gone in 2 seconds and go to another organization’s site. Computer technology is constantly changing, and along with it is the way websites are designed and executed. It’s not enough to just have a web presence – that presence needs to be up-to-date. In the previous three blogs we’ve covered SEO, SEM, use of social media and overall user experience. In this post we’ll cover making your site mobile friendly.